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The Business Operations Simplified (BOS) Shop

As a business owner, you should be working on your business, not in your business. The operations of your business shouldn't take all of your time. So the BOS Shop is coming to offer you all the tools you need to help you save time so you can do what you best - focus on serving.

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Introducing the BOS SHOP

Business Operations Simplified


Not sure what your cash flow is looking like? Know weeks ahead of time what's coming in and going out.

No more being surprised by subscriptions renewing (that you forgot all about). 

No more ignoring your bookkeeping because you don't know what to do each week, month, quarter, and the end of the year.

Want to estimate how much your launch (and the payment plans) will make you? I got you covered.

Predict your profit and growth, every month whether you sell a service or a product.

Forecast your membership revenue for the year, even with multiple pricing tiers.


Coming soon to the shop:
Profit Prediction Planner
Weekly Cash Flow Forecast
Services, Products & Membership Pricing Record
Personal Budget + Cash Flow
Bookkeeping SOP
Launch Revenue Projection
Membership Revenue Projection

And more items to help you with the operations of your business.

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Hey there, I'm Frances!

I help entrepreneurs streamline and organize their business operations so they can stop sacrificing revenue and start growing and scaling their business.

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